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We offer a wide variety of services for Macintosh, PCs and Laptops as well as iPod / Mobile Phone repairs.

To name the most popular please read below.

What-ever the issue may be, please do not hesitate to call us.

System Errors (Macintosh / Desktops / Laptops)

  1. BulletSystem won’t boot?

  2. BulletBlue/Back screen on startup? Also referred to by many as the ‘Blue screen of death’

  3. BulletBroken display?

  4. BulletSystem freezers/locks up or just running slow in general?

Health Check / Tune Up (MOT) - (Macintosh / Desktops / Laptops)

  1. BulletCleaned inside & out

  2. BulletHardware Diagnostics checks

  3. BulletHard Drive check and optimisation

  4. BulletUsually cleans/corrects hundreds of errors which would otherwise be unseen/unnoticed. Although at the same time slow the system down.

Virus Removal (inc advice on Internet Security)

If you are in any doubt that your system may be infected. Please give us a call. We also offer FREE advice on the best internet security packages available.

For the latest security threats, please click HERE

Software Installs

Operating systems, 3rd part applications (e.g. OS X, Windows, Photoshop, MS Office etc.)

Hardware Supplies/Replacements

In the worse case scenario, if any piece of hardware happens to fail. We can replace that particular component for you.

System Restore

Restore your system back to factory settings / Last known good working config.

Data Transfer

  1. BulletScheduled Backups (Full system or selected files)

Data/Password Recovery

  1. BulletRecover formatted or accidentally deleted files.

  2. BulletRecover lost  / forgotten system passwords.

Home Setups

Recently bought a new Macintosh / PC or Laptop, but not 100% sure on where to start. We can take all the stress away, by either a home visit. Alternatively do not hesitate to call for advice.

Internet / Network setup

  1. BulletWireless and/or Fully cabled

Component Installations

Memory, Screens, CPUs, Graphics cards, Hard drives etc etc...

Transfer of Components

Considering a new case? Have all internal components transferred from your old to your new case without affecting data.

Custom Build Systems

All systems are built to/or for the customers requirements. From:

  1. BulletBasic systems to full high end gaming PCs

  2. BulletHome Servers

  3. BulletHTPCs (Home Theatre PCs)

Remote Service

We can also offer remote support however, this will mean at least one home visit to activate.